A New Kind of Prevention

We hear the word “prevention” a lot these days. Everyone seems to agree that it is the key to solving our nation’s health crisis, but no one seems to be doing much about it.

When it comes to our nations greatest killer and cause of disability – heart attacks and strokes, the health care system does a perfectly horrible job of disease prevention. Consider the following facts:

  • Using current national guidelines for measurement of risk, 88% of heart attack victims would have been deemed “low to moderate risk” on the day before their heart attack.
  • 75% of all heart attack victims have “NORMAL” cholesterol.
  • 86% of heart attacks occur in people who would pass a stress test.
  • The fact is that when it comes to heart attack and stroke prevention, current standards of care can kill you. Even worse… the medical establishment knows it.

“Clinicians need to exercise caution when considering the majority of guidelines for cardiovascular treatment.” JAMA 2/25/09 vol. 301

As a patient of this practice, you will have an entirely different experience. Using the latest imaging technologies, genetic testing, and labs, we will find the earliest stages of vascular disease… stabilize it… and begin the process of reversing it.