Are You at Risk?


  • If you have “normal” cholesterol, you know almost nothing about your heart attack risk. 75% of heart attack victims have cholesterol just like yours – “NORMAL.”
  • If you passed a stress test yesterday, you could have a heart attack today. 86% of heart attacks cannot be predicted using a stress test.
  • If you’ve been told you have a Framingham Risk Score of 1% or less (the most common risk measure for heart attacks) – don’t get too excited. This measure misses 83% of people actually at risk.

So how do you know your real risk?

How do you measure your risk of colon cancer? You get a colonoscopy.

How do you measure your risk of breast cancer? A mammogram.

Prostate cancer? You get the point.

What do all of these risk assessments have in common? They address risk by searching for early stages of actual disease.

With heart disease, for some reason, the medical system takes a different approach. We don’t search for actual disease. Instead, we tend to ignore the health clues that are actual signs of danger and instead – search for risk factors like cholesterol. Then… we treat the risk factor.

The result… one in every three Americans suddenly drops dead of a stroke or a heart attack with NO PRIOR SYMPTOMS OF DISEASE.

If this sounds crazy to you… we agree. Our approach is different.

Rather than searching for and treating phantom risk factors, we search for actual vascular disease at the earliest stages – before you’d ever feel it. And we treat the disease to ensure that you never have a heart attack or stroke.

If this approach makes sense to you, contact us to learn more.