Did You Know?

Here are some startling statistics you’ve probably never heard:

  • Diabetes and “pre-diabetes” / insulin resistance are strong causes of strokes and heart attacks

  • Only 12% of Diabetics know they are diabetic and are properly treated

  • 75% of all diabetics will die of a stroke or a heart attack

  • Type 2 diabetes is predictable 15-20 years in advance and is preventable!

  • Using current national standard-of-care guidelines for measurement of risk, 88% of heart attack victims would have been deemed “low to moderate risk” on the day before their heart attack.

  • 75% of all heart attack victims have “NORMAL” cholesterol.

  • If you passed a stress test yesterday, you could have a heart attack today. 86% of heart attacks cannot be predicted using a stress test: even using high-tech nuclear SPECT or PET scans!

  • If you’ve been told you have a Framingham Risk Score of 1% or less (the most common tool used to measure risk for heart attacks) – don’t get too excited. This measure misses 83% of people actually at risk!

  • Progressive narrowing of your blood vessels with plaque until they finally close is NOT the cause of heart attacks.

  • Most heart attacks (86%) occur with mild or moderate plaque: the silent kind! These are the ones missed on stress tests.

  • There are ACTUAL ways to uncover your hidden risk and discover these more deadly plaques and STOP them from causing a disabling stroke and heart attack.