Do I still need insurance if I become a member?

Yes. Our service is NOT an insurance product.The practice accepts your insurance to pay for covered services. Our fees are for services not covered by insurance.

Can I pay the membership fee with my HSA?

Yes you can. As you will see in our patient agreement, the services for which we charge our fee are almost all IRS accepted medical expenses.

Is this practice a good fit for people who are ill or seniors who are advanced in age?

Yes. Don’t let our emphasis on disease prevention lead you to think that you have to be young or apparently healthy to benefit tremendously from this practice. Preventing a disabling stroke or heart attack is preventing what is generally a much more disabling event as you age. The benefit of avoiding those consequences at a later age is therefore even greater! Our goal is to remove all of the barriers and unpleasantness associated with your health care experience. For certain patients, this may require us to perform house calls or coordinate communications with family members or other caregivers.We welcome this responsibility.

For people with complex or chronic disease, we assume a role of advocate and develop health management plans tailored to your condition.

Our financial /insurance advisory service is oriented towards helping any member manage the burden and complexity of dealing with commercial insurance, Medicare, secondary insurance or hospital charges: including those from another practice!

What happens when my doctor is on vacation?

You are never out of contact with your doctor. His cell phone number and expert advise are always a quick phone call away: without annoying answering services getting in the way. Medications can even be adjusted and prescriptions can be electronically submitted instantly from virtually anywhere in the world! When you need physical assistance when your doctor is out of town, you will never be without without local coverage: a back-up physician will be engaged to tend to your needs.

Can I call you anytime?

Yes. When you join the practice, you will receive instruction on when and how to access your doctor under different circumstances. You are never without direct access to your physician.

Will you make house calls?

Yes. We make house calls when they are medically necessary. If your circumstances require an abundance of house calls, please raise that issue with us, and we will develop a customized membership for you.

Will you still see me in the hospital?

Yes.You never need us more than in the event you are hospitalized.

How do you protect my privacy?

You will not find a health care provider more vigilant about your privacy than this one. Health care providers are conditioned to think of privacy solely in the context of HIPAA. Our view of your privacy is considerably more broad.

Our belief is that when patients elect to aggressively search for the earliest signs of disease in order to prevent catastrophic health events, they should not be penalized for their efforts by life and health insurers. While it is always your choice, at times we may suggest that you NOT use your insurance for certain things simply to avoid creating a claim history that distorts your health risk profile in the eyes of insurers.