How It's Different

As a private physician practice, we have made one simple change that gives us the ability to deliver you unparalleled medical care in the fashion you have always wanted it.

We have identified those crucial elements that are missing from health care today:

  • Easy access to your doctor on your terms – by phone, email, Skype, in the office, or in your own home
  • Empowerment to manage your own medical information and protect yourself from medical errors and unnecessary spending on redundant testing
  • An aggressive focus on preventing disease – starting with the biggest killers – heart attack and stroke
  • An actual plan and physician partnership to maintain your health and manage your risks

And now… we offer these vital services to you.

Where we view insurance companies’ interests to diverge from yours as the patient – we side with you.

Where they make health care decisions at a population level, we make them on an individual level.

Where we deem their vision of health care delivery to be lacking – we fill the gaps with state-of-the-art medicine.

For the difference between health care as it exists today – and health care as it truly should be, we charge a fee.