Traditional vs. Private Medicine

In developing our limited private practice, we started by identifying what was missing from traditional medicine… and we replaced it with what we would want for our own families.

Traditional Medicine Private Medicine
2500 + patients per doctor 300 patients per doctor
Average waiting room time: 56 minutes Average waiting room time:1-2 minutes
Average appointment time: 6 minutes Average appointment time:60 minutes
Access to your doctor: Business hours… maybe Access to your doctor: 24×7 365 days/year
Access to your doctor by in-office visit only (That’s how doctors are paid.) Access to your doctor by office visit, phone, text message, email, Skype, or house call
Your medical records stored on a shelf in a folder – maybe an electronic health record… accessible to your doctor Your medical records in your pocket (USB drive and online) accessible to you or to anyone with whom you choose to share them
Concerned with your privacy to the extent mandated by HIPAA Vigilant about your privacy and your rights to absolutely protect your own health information – even from insurance companies and the government
A body-repair shop that does its best to fix you when you’re sick A center of disease prevention and reversal intent on keeping you well
Odds of dying of a heart attack or stroke: 1 in 3 Odds of dying of a heart attack or stroke: nearly eliminated
Services and technologies offered to you are limited to what is reimbursed by insurance Services and technologies offered to you are limited by nothing in order to provide you the right care at the right time for the right reason… period

If this feels like the type of medical practice you’ve been waiting for, come and visit us.