What you Can Expect of Us

There is only one reason to join our practice. You care about your health – your most valuable asset, and you are ready to invest in building (or restoring) and protecting it.

Our services are tailored to your individual health status, risk profile, and lifestyle, but in general, you can expect the following:

  1. Prevention.
    State-of-the-art disease prevention and reversal – starting with the number one killer of Americans, heart attack and stroke.
  2. Knowledge.
    A detailed understanding of your health risks and a specific plan to manage and reduce your risks. With respect to any health conditions that you may have you will know exactly what you need to do to manage those conditions so that they have minimal impact on your lifestyle and productivity.
  3. Empowerment.
    In part, our job is to teach you to protect yourself as an informed patient. At times you may receive care outside of our office, and we want you to be an empowered and informed patient. We will give you digital access to all of your health records to help you avoid dangerous medical errors and unnecessary expense on redundant testing.
  4. Partnership.
    You have one job as a member of this practice. Succeed. We will move mountains to ensure that you successfully fulfill your health and prevention plan each year. We serve as your partner and coach to motivate and assist you. Your job is to take action.
  5. Care.
    Comprehensive medical care, support, and advocacy when you are sick with the goal of restoring your health as quickly and comfortably as humanly possible.
  6. Financial advice.
    We’re not Merrill Lynch, but we do offer an important financial service. We assist you in navigating the complex Medicare and commercial insurance payer system to ensure that you don’t lose money unnecessarily as a result of the complexity of the system. Bring us your bills and questions from any health care provider, and we’ll help you resolve them.
  7. Elegance.
    We’re not a spa, but we are very focused on your experience as a patient.The miserable experience of merely receiving health care today breeds procrastination and is an impediment to good health. We intend to reverse that. Our antidote for procrastination is a comfortable and beautiful health care experience on your terms.

If you’re ready to invest in adding years to your life, contact us.