Private Medicine – Why it Works

Private medicine, sometimes called “concierge” medicine, is a new and better way of delivering health care to patients. It eliminates the influences that distort and dilute the doctor-patient relationship, and it provides a physician the ability to focus intensely on serving a small group of patients.

It’s time for a new approach to managing your health.

Without question, the U.S. has the finest sick care system in the world. If you are sick, there’s no place you’d rather be than here. If you want to stay well… you’re on your own.

Private medicine solves at least three fundamental problems that keep the system from providing you the care and attention you truly need.

  1. Time.

    In case you haven’t noticed… doctors’ offices are getting pretty crowded. This problem will only get worse over the next 15 years as the aging Baby Boomers strain the system beyond its capacity.The result – long wait times for short, superficial visits with your doctor.

  2. Convenience.

    The average American simply won’t spend half of their day in a doctor’s office to address a symptom that they can tolerate or that they think will go away on its own. As a result, we delay care, get sicker than we should, and pay more for our recovery.

  3. Prevention.

    Our current insurance payer system simply does not pay for proper prevention. As technology advances to detect and prevent disease, you are left waiting for years until the payer system adopts it.

In a limited private medical practice, these problems vanish. Your private physician has the time to attend to your current and future potential health issues. There is no more waiting to see the doctor because your private physician has 85-90% fewer patients than before and can focus on you.

Best of all, private medicine invites you to say goodbye to our tired sick-care system and start proactively preventing disease. No more waiting on insurance companies to allow you access to the latest innovations in disease prevention.

Your private physician works for you – NOT your insurance company or the government.